Brand new video with Rafael

March 25th, 2014

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The Gay Office With Rafael Alencar

April 15th, 2014

Everything is revealed in part four of the on-going sexual saga Hotel X at The Gay Office site. In this popular series, you never know exactly who will be spying on the sexy young men and their sexual adventures that take place in the hotel room. In this scene, we finally learn who the voyeur is – and it’s none other than the hard bodied Rafael Alencar from’s network of high quality adult entertainment sites. He narrates and watches as Donato Reyes and Dato Foland step in and start tearing at each other’s clothing until their naked and they can access the man parts of each other’s body.

In the middle of sucking Dato’s thick cock, Donato notices the peep hole in the wall and they know that they are being watched; however, instead of feeling shy and running off, the two young men invite the stranger into the room and a three-way quickly ensues. The unique thing about this video is that the viewer becomes the voyeur as this trio of talented and gifted porn models satisfy the sexual desires of one another.
The scene begins with passionate kissing and tonguing, until Dato takes the lead and takes Rafael’s throbbing cock inside his warm wet mouth and give him a cock-sucking like he’s never experienced in his lifetime. His body jerks uncontrollably when Dato takes his long member all the way down his throat more than a few times in a row. The sexy part is that these handsome boy-toys all still have their office slacks hanging off of their bodies with rock hard stiff cocks protruding straight forward.
This high quality entertainment continues when the three way progresses into more daring adventures as Donato lubes his own asshole, forces Rafael onto his back on the carpeted floor with his hard, thick cock pointed straight at the ceiling and slowly places its tip onto his asshole and sits on his dick, forcing it slowly but deeply into his tight ass. Then Dato puts his cock in Donato’s wanting mouth and they begin double penetrating the boy-toy.

With his asshole getting pounded and a cock forcing its way down his throat, Donato is taken to a sexual level that he has never before experienced and he cannot stop his cock from exploding many spurts of hot cum all over Alencar’s stomach while still riding his extremely hard and warm cock up his ass.
The close ups are incredible, With his cock still buried deep inside Donato’s ass, Damien shoots his load and then pulls his cock out. The three finish their sexual adventure in a circle jerk and take turns spraying their cum-loads everywhere.
Although this is the end of the series from The Gay Office, There is sure to more hot and exclusive material from the masters of gay porn.

The Cruising series with Rafael Alencar

March 30th, 2014

The Cruising series continues with part four of this hardcore action. In this scene, Rafael Alencar is out cruising around the downtown streets in the dark evening hours and hitting the bars in search of some young cock meat. Tonight he hits a local bar and his attention is immediately drawn to a young man named Leo, who is an attractive stud who appears to be alone. The two exchange some eye contact and soon conveniently run into each other on the way to the restroom stalls.

They both feel the chemistry between each other and agree to head back to Gabe’s pad and loosen up with a couple drinks before Leo makes a move on Rafael and kisses his mouth deeply while massaging his swelling cock and balls through his tight fitting jeans. After the two muscle-bound men undress each other the two get comfortable, some exceptional cock sucking and heavy making out ensues.
As it turns out, Leo likes it rough and grabs Alencar’s hard cock and slaps himself all over his cheeks, forehead, and lips before lubing it up nicely with his wet mouth and saliva. He rolls onto his back and has Alencar place his balls on his face and breathes in the musky aroma as he sucks his balls. Soon and still on his back with Leo straddling his face from above, he starts screwing Gabe’s asshole with his tongue and prepping it for his cock by slowly inserting his middle finger and then his thumb deep inside to get it loose.
The scenes are expertly filmed and it’s difficult not to cum in your shorts as you watch. Rafael feels the heat and warmth of tongue and fingers up his ass and can barely handle the sexual sensation inside and around his asshole. He wants that big hot cock to penetrate his tight opening and blow a load of hot cum inside of it. Soon he gets his wish and Leo turns him over onto his stomach and puts his ass in the air doggy-style.

He spits on Rafael’s tight little asshole and then slowly forces his oversized tip inside. The ass is tight, but it gives a little after the fat head pops in and Leo starts pumping in a rapid rhythm that gets harder and faster. He soon blows his thick, creamy load while getting a rough ass pounding and Gabe returns the favor by throat banging Leo’s throat and mouth while dick slapping his face frequently and hard. He finally spreads his hot load of jizz across Gabe’s face, lips, and forehead. Keep an eye out for excellent high-quality scenes like this because there will be more coming – and that’s for sure.

Rafael Alencar in hardcore gay porno

March 25th, 2014

Once again, he looks on as two men enter the hotel room. It wasn’t his first time observing nor would it be his last; this was what he craved, what he needed. Both men were dressed respectfully for what is clearly an office job. Their white shirts with neutral colored ties and tight fitting, black pants are a complete giveaway. He watches as one man takes a seat on the armchair, looking at peace and relaxed. The other man carefully looks over his partner, his eyes scanning every inch of skin, finally flickering to the spot he longed for the most. His eyes gaze back up at his partners. Without so much as a word, they continue gazing at each other intently. There are no words to convey the emotions running wild within their bodies – and it’s not as if anything needs to be said; everything is in their eyes. The onlooker, although turned on by the obvious heat of the moment, starts growing bored. Just as he considers walking away, the man standing up drops to his knees. Crawling, making his way over to his partner. The submissive behavior turns him on immediately.
Bulging through his tight black pants, a moan escapes his lips as he sits in the armchair. “Rafael Alencar,” the man barely whispers, as he finally reaches his target. He reaches and rubs the bulge in his partner’s pants, then frantically unbuttons and unzips his pants. Soon Rafael’s pants are peeled off and he gently, at first, places Rafael’s cock in his mouth.
Rafael Alencar cuts off as a soft moan escapes from his lips. Tony is now bobbing his head up and down the Alencar’s length, applying as much tightness and pressure as possible. Dato tenses up. Without anymore words, Tony continues bobbing his head and sucking on Dato’s cock. Before long, as the onlooker rubs his own length, the two men stand and remove all clothing. It was frantic, yet beautiful, the way they wanted each other desperately. Quietly, Dato takes in Tony’s smoothly shaved shaft, caressing his sac as he sucks his cock. Between the bobbing of Dato’s head, the peeper catches a glimpse of Tony’s tattoo on his muscled stomach.
Through the silence, things build up until finally Dato stops sucking Tony’s shaft, and instead takes his attention to his firm ass. Caressing it gently as he lubes it up with his tongue. Soon enough, his own shaft is entering Tony’s tight ass, as the onlooker tightens his grip on his own dick. Dato picks up the pace as the silence is broken by soft moans and frantic gasps. The fast Dato goes the louder the voices become, and the harder the onlooker jerks himself. Facts about Rafael Alencar
Lying over the bed, Tony continues to get screwed in the ass. “Damn,” he says, as things get faster. His cock burying into the bed further. Soon, Dato moves away and sticks his legs in the air, revealing his tight pink hole. Delicious, Tony thinks to himself, but before hea buries his cock into Dato’s ass instead of the bed, he kisses him both passionately and gently. This man is not only his co-worker now, but a lover, and the ideas are thrilling. Things are harder and faster now, and before he can contain himself, Tony is lost in the heat of passion and slams himself harder into Dato, finally releasing, his cum all over his tattoo. The onlooker jerks himself harder, excited by the sight of the man’s cum. Dato jerks himself off onto Tony’s hard stomach, all the while kissing him deeply with a sort of fury; passionately. This perfect atmosphere sends the voyeur over the edge, as he quickens his movements finding his own release. The couple are still kissing as his cum hits.